How do you ensure you are instantly recognisable? That you are memorable? How do you make clear to people who don't know you that you know and care about their work?


Find a poetic visual representation for your text, concept or process. Make your website, brochures, posters, film, or book stand out from the crowd. Use our lovingly created artwork to inspire people by what you do.

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Marieke van Diepen

"To us person centred is a way of life. It's our way of thinking and doing things. It's about working as equal partners. It's about how we plan, develop and deliver our work."

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Selected Works


This mentoring project connects professional theatre makers with youth in east Amsterdam.

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TAUS artwork is instantly recognisable and totally memorable.

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Cooking workshops

Wholesome food and community for people with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

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Amada ZorgCollectief

Amada provide true person centred home care. A start-up by industry veterans, serving North Holland.

True person centred care
Acupuncture website

A unique and eye catching visual identity for this Acupuncture practice in North Holland.

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How are you different than others in the minds of your customers, community and prospects?

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Service Design

What combination of people, process and technology is most effective for your organisation?

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What technology best supports your service design? How do you achieve your roadmap?

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