TAUS artwork is instantly recognisable and totally memorable


TAUS, the language data network, is a translation industry organisation. TAUS develops communities through a program of events and online user groups and by sharing knowledge, metrics and data that help all stakeholders in the translation industry develop a better service.

Over the years, the Lifelong Inspiration team has supported TAUS in a number of areas. Here we focus on the artwork that ensures TAUS is instantly recognisable.

Product Icons

Thematic Illustrations

Skylines for global events programme

Other related works


This mentoring project connects professional theatre makers with youth in east Amsterdam.

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True Doors

We developed and put in place a business strategy to create a social enterprise with global impact. Distinct positioning and its meticulous execution has been key to the entire success story.

Open the door
Cooking workshops

Wholesome food and community for people with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

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Amada ZorgCollectief

Illustrations, a website and advice on digital strategy for Amada, who provide true person centred home care. A start-up by industry veterans, serving North Holland.

True person centred care
Acupuncture website

A unique and eye catching visual identity for this Acupuncture practice in North Holland.

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