Around the world, bright, passionate and dedicated people are working on innovations to help maximise quality of life and create new possibilities in eldercare.

Yet, as often happens we are not learning from each other anywhere near as much as we might. We're more often (re)inventing our own wheel. And while there’s some sense to this - my local terrain is different than yours - we all have the same goals - improving eldercare - where the challenges raised by the terrain tend to be the same whether we are in Australia, Europe or North America.

Who's been blazing a path with virtual reality in eldercare? How do we use social robotics well? What is the best approach to redesigning a nursing home? Which new models of care are emerging? How can the staffing challenge be tackled? How do we ensure we consistently deliver quality care? What roles can exercise and mindful practices play in dementia care?

The Best Eldercare articles and interviews bring together experts from around the world to share their knowledge and ideas to help educate us all on their area of specialisation. We talk to care professionals, researchers, people with lived experience, and entrepreneurs. We focus on person-centred care, human-centred design and human rights-based approaches.

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