These free monthly 30-minute sessions are for caregivers and care professionals who welcome help, and would like to improve your ability to manage your energy, motivation, and perspective— for your own wellbeing—and in order to better provide the quality care that you desire to achieve.


Each session starts with a 15-minute Stillness block, where Dr. Gary Irwin-Kenyon, narrative gerontology pioneer and tai chi teacher guides participants through simple relax-into-stillness movements that everyone can practice, and that you can easily incorporate into your daily lives— no matter how demanding your schedule.

The movements are gentle and involve breathing techniques that simultaneously help you to become more aware of how to stay relaxed under prolonged pressure, while also helping to calm your nervous system.

Each Stillness session includes a simple movement which you are invited to practice regularly before the next session, in order to cultivate your ability for stillness, and add to your repertoire of movements. The result is that — with continued practice, that only asks for a few minutes of your time each day— your resilience is improved and spirits are lifted.

Person-centred Care

Having found our stillness, the second 15-minute person-centered block is led by co-founders of the dementia care education and consulting company Person Centred Universe, Ashley King, and Daphne Noonan, and involves a short discussion of a specific topic affecting everyone.

The pandemic has taken us off-kilter, and for many of us, caused us to lose our guiding light toward person-centred care. Ashley & Daphne will endeavour to refocus and re-establish the principles of person centred care while we continue to navigate through the day-to-day challenges for those who are working in and operating within long-term care organisations.

We sometimes ask participants to contribute experiences on a particular topic beforehand so that these can be amalgamated and shared with the group. We also invite specialists to help us understand and be better on a topic.

Subjects range from current hot topics to long-term structural issues to new and long-existing knowledge, to long-term care and care in our communities and at home.

Our aim with these sessions is to bring people together to find stillness and share our collective wisdom so that we can provide better person-centred care to our elders.

The sessions are hosted by Lifelong Inspiration.

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