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Person Centred Universe is a social enterprise, based in Atlantic Canada, with a vision for person centred dementia care which provides education, training and consulting to the long term care sector in North America.

For this ongoing relationship, Lifelong Inspiration provides ideation and coaching, with a focus on business development and marketing strategy.

Person Centred Universe already had the right culture of empathy, creativity and innovation in abundance before we met. What they missed was a strategy that created competitive advantage. We began with an ideation session to identity key areas for attention and continue with an ongoing 'conversation' to evolve the strategy and ensure effective implementation. The strategy has centred on differentiating courses and building key partnerships in North America. The conversations also serve as a tool to ensure continuous questioning of focus and priorities.

Analysis has also identified capability gaps, which are key areas for attention as we go forward.

Other related works

Nashwaak HP Screengrab
Nashwaak Villa Nursing Home

A great website for Nashwaak Villa, an award winning nursing home following the Planetree Philosophy of person centred care.

Inspired care
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True Doors

We developed and put in place a business strategy to create a social enterprise with global impact. Distinct positioning and its meticulous execution has been key to the entire success story.

Open the door
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Over the years the market got congested. Crosslangs challenge was to still be noticed for the right reasons. We repositioned Crosslang, depositioned competitors, rebranded, wrote copy and reports to make sure that's exactly what happened.

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Mother Tongue Edu Cover
Mother Tongue Education

In-depth strategy and roadmap document arguing for mother tongue eduction to be a norm.

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Amada ZorgCollectief

Illustrations, a website and advice on digital strategy for Amada, who provide true person centred home care. A start-up by industry veterans, serving North Holland.

True person centred care