Positioning Crosslang as a leading innovator


Gent based Crosslang are one of the pioneers of the language technology sector, with a long and successful record of applied innovation. Over the years this niche area has become saturated with new providers. Crosslang's challenge was to demonstrate their lineage and difference in a way that is true to their down to earth, business minded culture and approach to innovation. In addition, Crosslang sought to actively target new industry-sectors with their solutions.

Lifelong Inspiration wrote the site content and other key collateral, as well as developed a new visual identity to reposition Crosslang as the category leader.


Gent Skyline.

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Translation Management. Connecting people, process and technology.

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Consultancy. The innovation partner of choice for leading firms.

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Machine Translation.Enjoying first mover advantage since 2002.

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Terminology Management. Ensuring a consistent and distinctive voice.

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