Seniors performing tai chi

Should Tai Chi become a standard tool in dementia care?

Tai Chi is a holistic art from China, which has been developed over hundreds of years. As a set of physical movements, it is designed to relax the body. Movements are soft and slow and act to loosen the joints and gently stretch the muscles and ligaments. Combined with deep breathing the movements release the Chi and improve blood flow. In this context, Chi is an internal energy that we all possess but we cannot benefit from it until we relax. It is trapped in our bodies through stress and...

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Redesign of the nursing home with seniors

Why it’s time for human-centred nursing home design

Both public and private investment is set to grow significantly as rich countries adapt large-scale long-term care facilities into smaller, more human-scale, household units. This result is typically called the household model. This is a positive step toward improving the living and working conditions at these buildings, which are often badly lit mazes where you numb your senses as a coping mechanism to filter out the physical environment.

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VR experiences in eldercare

What can we expect from VR in eldercare?

One-by-one tech giants are starting to invest heavily in the metaverse - immersive virtual worlds. Seeing huge opportunities for transformation, potentially akin to the internet, which has become a utility. Summary To kick off The Best Eldercare series, I was fortunate to connect with Dr. Tanya Petrovich of Dementia Australia. Tanya, her team, and their partners are trailblazers in using virtual reality for eldercare. Over two conversations we explored her motivations, VR use scenarios, impact,...

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