How are you differentiated from competitors in the minds of your customers, community and prospects? How do you translate these differences into increased and sustainable engagement and sales?

Business Strategy Development

This is an ongoing 'conversation' over months and years. The starting point is an orientation and ideation period to take stock of the current situation and work out how your organisation can outperform competitors. The conversation continues with regular guidance as internal and external environments evolve, covering every facet of what is required to succeed. From leadership coaching, change management, culture change, sales and business development, communications strategy, resource management, process design, technology implementation to concept/product/service development. At every stage, you'll take the right simple, next step forward to success.

Positoning Strategy

It's a simple proposition; get your positioning right and become the leader in your market. Get it wrong and be an 'also ran' or fail all together. Available in two formats. A one-off workshop for startups or a two-three month collaboration with established organisations looking to reignite growth.

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