What technology best supports your service design? What goals are best achieved with off-the-shelf solutions? What requires custom development? How do you achieve your roadmap?

Technology reviews

If your technology stack has been in place for some time and there’s been no real effort at updating components, you'll likely benefit from a technology review to assess what you have now, the bottlenecks, and recommend a roadmap for improvement.

Solution architecture

During this analytic task to define how a software solution(s) will meet an organisation’s needs we consider the business, functional, data, technical, implementation and operational requirements. The result is a detailed and actionable plan.

Django / Flask development

Custom python-based development using the open-source Django framework, with a focus on complex, database-driven websites. Custom python-based development using the open-source Flask microframework for smaller sites.

Custom website and CMS development

We build websites for entrepreneurs who want more digital success and for social care organisations pursuing a person-centred vision.

Selected Works

Other Services